Thursday, February 14, 2013

A busy month!

Hahahaa in these two months, i got very busy and have hectic schedule that's why i can't posting regularly like i did before.

Iam handled two Stitching A Long (SAL) project which is :

1. Green Flips-its all together 
1st January - 31st July 2013

here is my progress for boxes 1 plant a tree. 116 stitcher in the same time uploading their works in 31st january 2013 and in these february we are continue to stitch second boxes "Ride A Bike"

The second one that SAL that i'm handled is :

2. Garden Girl (WOCS Magazine)
14th February - 15th July 2013

i'm ready to start SAL garden girl which is starting today. I use 18 CT cream Aida and my thread collection at my home

That's why i think i'm kinda busy in such a few months, It uneasy organize two events SAL in almost the same time seriously but i'm glad to join in this event i can know and meet every stitcher in Indonesia.. :') 

In the same time, my elementary school's friends got married in 3rd February 2013. She invited me to her wedding's reception and i thought Central javanese wedding record will be perfect for her. I knew she loves with handicraft also like mine

Title: Central Javanese Traditional wedding
Designed by: Blue Moon
Size: 20 x 30 cm ++
Date Timeline: 26th January - 4th February 2013
Contains of : full stitch, 1/4 stitch, 3/4 stitch and blended metallic gold

I used frame that already hanging on my bedroom's wall. the original mat actually just plain white color and i have idea to change it with gift's paper which has Batik Sido Mukti kawung pattern.. the bride usually batik for her dress/cloths so i think it will be perfect one i combined this gift paper with the cross stitch itself. how about your opinion? are they more adorable?
these is the example the real one central java's wedding costumes :  
(Picture taken and credits to

Spring comes Pages 3 and 4!

Hi everyone! I realize today is valentine day, so happy valentine day for every people in the world! In my opinion, it's not just valentine day we care other people still everyday is a caring day for everyone in surround us.

I aware it's almost two month that i haven't posting yet. i'm kinda busy with some project and i will try explain in my other post. so here we are my spring comes by DOME that i have been made so far. check this out!

Pages 3 of 10
22nd December 2012 - 4th January 2013 (2 weeks)

Pages 4 of 10
5th January - 7th February 2013 (21 days)

yayyy! finally i have been finished this two pages for my big size project. will i finish it soon on March 2013? hiks i don't think so since there are 6 pages more. Here iam start to stitch pages 5 of 10! cherry-blossom tree hot to go! *Drum roll please >//<