Sunday, November 24, 2013

Choco Cupcakes mug for my friend

I have made mug for my friend, Marina and i hope she will like it. She can use it into her office.
I have put some hand dyed thread (pink-purple color), Embellishment charms written handmade and also put some lazy daisy stitch. I really enjoy it make this project. i can finish it into three days!
Now, iam on fire to stitch another mug that will be arrive on next wednesday :)

My windmill Mobilephone straps

As my promise, i want to tell the story about making my windmill mobilephone straps.
At the first time, i fell in love with the design since it unique and different from other cross stitch.
I remember i made this kit for 6 hours and i have gone to my relatives wedding. Since iam nothing to do in moving car so i decided make this kit. voila! i can make it without my heads dizzy..

If you wanna bought the same kit like me.. you can try to reach

thank you :)

my stitching updates

I will try catch up a few my crossstitch that i have finished yet start from february until now.. so you can know my finish updates crossstitch :)

Title: Let's Do Coffee
Designed by : ursula Michael
Size : 122 x 122 (Stitched on 18 CT white Aida)
Timeline date : February 2013
contains of : 1/4 stitch, Back stitch and 3/4 stitch

Finally! i can finish my gift to my cross stitch friend dyah who has birthday in last February 2013. it takes a long time to finish this one since my eyes cannot stand making 1/4 stitch in such 18 CT fabric *suddenly collapsed X_X 

Title: Spain Couples

Designed by: Soda Stitch
Size: 19 x 13 cm (STitched on 14 CT Fabric)
Timeline date: 1st -14th September (13 days)

Finally i can make it! i have put some beads into her dress and also her flowers to make more real  

Both of them wearing National costume of Spain such as:
- Woman : the traditional sexy Flamenco Spanish dress called Trajes de faraleas 
- Man : The traje corto which is a short jacket worn with high waist pants, white shirt, coloured waistband and a sombrero de alanche (wide brimmed hat)

Vervavo baby booty shoes is finished!

Title: booty shoes baby girl birth record
Designed by: Vervaco
Size: 19 x 16 cm (stitched on 14 ct sugar pink yeidam fabric)
timeline date: 2 weeks 

There are two more updates from me and i will make two another new threads for more specific.. so i have 5 crossstitch project are finished start from february until november. how about you guys? *kiss

Another my stash collection

Hello everyone! i think it long time no see and no updates from me. yes, iam working now and cannot make the updates frequently. However i wanna sshow you my stash collection (both kit or pattern that i have start collected from this year)

Retail Therapy
Bothy threads

DMC Bag charms


Parisian Bicycle

sst i will make this one and enter to the competition and it will be judging on April 2014 wish me good luck! 

Winter kitten
Daydream dimensions

i love this kit very much i got the mat and also the glass ready inside the kit 

Midnight Rendezvous

Oriental lady wisdom
Joan elliott

European Bistro

I use my first salary to buy this kit.. i plan to make it in on SAL Building which held on May 2014

Come sail away
Ursula michael

Air goddess
Joan Elliott

Love pillow (Blue)

Weekend in paris
Dimensions minis

Another crossstitcher last issue magazine

Live laugh love punch needles

Windmill mobilephone straps
Yeidam cross stitch

Lovely orchid

A set of cofffee cups

Bag ladies
Dimensions sunset

Pleasantly yours

I have won the crossstitch bidding and lucky me i got both of them

Hydrangea flowers
bothy threads

my mom bought this kit especially for me and i waiting it arrived safely to my house

there are another stash collection that i will show you in next time. this is my stash collection until now, how about you guys? :))