Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow i got November Feature, am i dreaming?

woww! Another great news came into me last night! i have joined an Devianart group "Deviants Gallery" and submitted my A Row Of Love! Today i opened my account and realize some news that really brighten my day! 


We have chosen your work for our Featured Folder for November!
This piece has been featured here:

On behalf of: 

Deviants Gallery

OMG! I never think before that my works will standing on the featured folder on November 2012 with other talented artist! Somehow their works are stunning and cool than mine. iam still speechless and also excited when received the news! i still asking myself am i dreaming the admins choosing my works instead of 50.782 other member.. I hope it can be my motivation and stepping stone into making a great cross stitch! yayyy! 


My Spring comes cross stitch's progress until 8th November 2012

I have to finish seven more thread in order to finish page 2 of 10. The progress is really going slowly. am i slow or the color is totally crazy? (two more green, one white, and four grey). wishing i can finish it soon

i'm also working on for my exchange gift 2013. i plan to make some towel that contains of soda cross stitch and also the beads.. the actual soda is usually done in 14 CT fabric. since i want to make towel it must be use 18 CT fabric. i still try to working finish this pattern and need more 9 sodas for ready stitching in the towel. will i able to finish it and send to her before january 2013? >//<