Saturday, December 15, 2012

What i'm going to stitch on 2013!

My Cross stitch / needlepoint ready stock : 
1. Kitty Litter by Dimensions 69 x 38 cm, 14 CT
2. Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott 56 x 46 cm, 14 CT
3. Good Morning, Honey! by Soda Stitch 19 x 20 cm, 14 CT
4. Montague by Royal Paris 15 x 20 cm, Needlepoint
5. The Girl with her mirror by Royal Paris 15 x 20 cm, Needlepoint
6. Pink Rose by DMC, 14 CT

The list order that i want to stitch on 2013!
1. Spring Comes by DOME
Status : Ongoing (Pages 5 of 10)
Timeline : December 2012 - February/March 2013

2. Green Flips/SAL by Lizzie Kate
Status : Ongoing (Boxes 2 Ride A Bike)
Timeline : 1st January - 31st July 2013

3. Central Javanese Traditional Wedding by Blue Moon
Timeline: 26th January - 4th February 2013

4. Fear Less Hope More by Lizzie Kate
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: February/March 2013

5. Birthday Gift
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: In the end of February 2013

6. Garden Girl by WOCS Magazine
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: 14th February - 15th July 2013

7. Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott
Status : N/A
Timeline : March - May 2013

8. The traditional dance of Korea by Soda Stitch
Status : Continue to stitch the third dancer lady (Buk Traditional dance)
Timeline : May 2013

9. Kitty Litter by Dimensions
Status : N/A
Timeline : June - September 2013

10. Hate Less Love More by Lizzie Kate
Status: N/A
Timeline: June 2013

11. The Traditional dance of Korea by Soda Stitch
Status : Continue to stitch the fourth dancer lady (Buchaechum Traditional dance)
Timeline : October 2013

12. Travel Memories by Dimensions
Status : N/A
Timeline : October - December 2013

That's the list that i'm going to stitch in 2013! I also imagine what i'm going to stitch on 2014.. i hope i can stitch European Bistro by Dimensions and Kasuga Shrine by Anchor.. I hope i can finish all of them T.T

It have been almost one year already

Dear my fellow Stitchers.. 2012 is almost over. I can't say my gratitude how i can meet all of the fabuluos and amazing stitcher. This year especially on March 2012 i start to do crossstitching after i have been hiatus since 2001. 11 years i left the cross stitch world and now i come back. I Realize cross stitch now became part of my hobby and i need to learn all of them since i was newbie. 

now I want to make a list about what I’ve been stitching for this whole year. eh I’m talking about my finished cross stitch projects. So here it goes:

1. Lovers in The Garret by Soda Stitch (SO-3111)

2. Coffee and Cuddle by Margaret Sherry

3. Purple Iris Flower Bookmarks

4. A Row of Love by Dimensions

5. A little soda project for Cross Stitch Exchange Gift 2012

what will be i'm going to stitch on 2013? just wait it my next posting i will try to explain it more clearly! Thank you so much for this one year! I hope i can make more beautiful work in 2013!

So how about you stitchers? Would you share your finished cross stitch projects here and your WIP in 2012? I’d like to know about it.. cheers and happy stitching! :D

My Soda's towel exchange gift 2013

Hello everyone! i have been busy for making the exchange gift for my friend and the deadline is this December 2012.. In the last time i said i will make three different soda pattern but i changed my mind and now i make five different soda pattern. so here iam, i challenge myself for making five different sodas with the beads and also stitched on 18 CT. >//<

my first two soda have been finished. aren't they cute couples?? 

the boy hold umbrella and plant is finished. i've put some beads in his buttons and his cheek :D 

The girl also finished by me yesterday.. i try to put some beads in her hands, hairpins and also bracelet. is it already good? since it's my first time put some beads in the cross stitch 

voila! i have been finished four of five my sodas. Now, Iam working for my last sodas smile house. I hope i can working fast in the last one

It's the appearance when i have finished one:

P.S : 
The soda pattern that i have use :
1. SO-4113 Can you see my mind (Girl)? 
2. SO-4114 Can you see my mind (Boy)?
3. SO-4121 Love is sliding on the rain (Boy)?
4. SO-4122 Love is sliding on the rain (Girl)?
5. SO-4120 Smile House

My Spring comes page 2 of 10 have been finished!

Thanks God finally i have been finished this such difficult page 2 of 10 for spring comes by DOME. This part is really hard one since i have been made from 23rd October to 30th November 2012.. such one month =__=a. The silly one, i'm using only one tapestry.. maybe in another next page i should use 2-3 tapestry in the same time.. here we are my spring comes page 2 of 10.. voila!

In the same time, me and my friends held some Green Flips Lizzie Kate Stitching A Long (SAL) Project. we make the rules that it must be submitted by the end of the months. The timeline of the event is from 1st January to 31st July 2013. Every single month we make only one boxes. we will put their Album Link to the documents and everyone can visit other stitcher's works. If they submitted their album's link, their name will be put into the doorprize.. The winner will get a special cross stitch from Jordan, Amman. Now we have 112 stitcher who already partipate in this event! it will be exciting! I can't wait for January 2013! Yippie!