Monday, July 23, 2012

Cultural IHSW July 2012

Hello everyone! sorry i do late posting. exactly it will be yesterday but my body feels not good. yesterday is my first day fasting in Ramadhan and the weather is so hot, i realized that i got light fever and sore-throat.

okay for the last weekend, i finished stitching the traditional dance of korea (samulnori's dancer). finally it finished after i stitched for past eight days. i realized it takes really slowly progress. here we are my a beautiful dancer :)

you could see there is the left one it is the backstitch yet and the right one it is already with the backstitch. are you agree that she is totally cute dancer? :D

thanks a lot reading my posting, it's time for me to have a proper rest again. wishing me better soon! :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Themelicious!

Actually this is my first time to participate in themelicious 2012! Thanks to my beloved friend, Mrs Yana Hanim who always give me spirit and motivated me to be confidence participate in this july theme. 

since we know that July 2012 theme is Jolly July. it Means jolly holiday with our WIP  or different holiday. i choose some cultural/ethic theme from Soda stitch. "The Traditional dance of Korea" . i made a dancer who dancing with her janggu and part of samulnori's perfomance in korea. what is Samulnori exactly ?

Samulnori is a group of four dynamic musicians dedicated to performing and preserving traditional korean music and dance. one of the musicians using janggu / hour glass drum to dance

my preparation for making this july themelicious. my fabric and DMC thread ready to be use! yayy! 
i love the gridlines in the fabric it can reduce my miscalculation when i do cross stitching :)

i already finish her purple haengbok and some parts of her Janggu. next i will continue to her face :)

Voila! look at her face and she already have red ribbon in her dress. i hope i can finish her completely with the Backstitch. she will be totally lovely musician! :)

Thanks everyone for reading my posting! i can't take cross stitching a long time since i'm in unwell condition. yesterday, i got light fever and bad headache. just wish me luck to finish her pink dress and backstitch :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first Cross stitch project! ;)

I was newbie that still four month to learn how to make cross stitch smoothly. it takes twelve years after i was elementary to continue this hobby. unfortunately, my elementary school's cross stitch had been UFO and  missing in action >//< So here iam took initiative to do cross stitch again. so my first choice going to soda stitch pattern! the chart is simple, cute and all of them full stitch. so i can learn fast to make cross stitch :) 

Voila! here it is my first project "Lovers in The garret" . i remembered when i made this project takes 12 days since my thread already out. so i need to go craft shop before i continue it. the difficult one when my first time do the backstitch. is my backstitch already good? 

my first project with the frame! i really love this pattern. the couples really cute one! i hanged it on my bedroom's wall. :) :) 

July 2012 WIPocalypse!

Okay my bear really takes slowly progress. Since this month there is another company called me for participate in recruitment and also i need to be focus in post graduate enrollment exam :'( That's why iam so sad that i can't really make the mom's bear finish soon. so here are my progress:
My progress on June 2012

my progress on July 2012 is i almost finish mom's bear. it will be more one leg and i can be move on to her son.

My progress on July 2012

hmm.. iam not found any difficulty to make mother's bear. she is really cute and iam so happy that i rarely found blended thread. i found one now in her leg. wishing i can finish both of her leg so she will be happy meet her husband and daughter :p