Saturday, December 15, 2012

What i'm going to stitch on 2013!

My Cross stitch / needlepoint ready stock : 
1. Kitty Litter by Dimensions 69 x 38 cm, 14 CT
2. Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott 56 x 46 cm, 14 CT
3. Good Morning, Honey! by Soda Stitch 19 x 20 cm, 14 CT
4. Montague by Royal Paris 15 x 20 cm, Needlepoint
5. The Girl with her mirror by Royal Paris 15 x 20 cm, Needlepoint
6. Pink Rose by DMC, 14 CT

The list order that i want to stitch on 2013!
1. Spring Comes by DOME
Status : Ongoing (Pages 5 of 10)
Timeline : December 2012 - February/March 2013

2. Green Flips/SAL by Lizzie Kate
Status : Ongoing (Boxes 2 Ride A Bike)
Timeline : 1st January - 31st July 2013

3. Central Javanese Traditional Wedding by Blue Moon
Timeline: 26th January - 4th February 2013

4. Fear Less Hope More by Lizzie Kate
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: February/March 2013

5. Birthday Gift
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: In the end of February 2013

6. Garden Girl by WOCS Magazine
Status: Ongoing
Timeline: 14th February - 15th July 2013

7. Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott
Status : N/A
Timeline : March - May 2013

8. The traditional dance of Korea by Soda Stitch
Status : Continue to stitch the third dancer lady (Buk Traditional dance)
Timeline : May 2013

9. Kitty Litter by Dimensions
Status : N/A
Timeline : June - September 2013

10. Hate Less Love More by Lizzie Kate
Status: N/A
Timeline: June 2013

11. The Traditional dance of Korea by Soda Stitch
Status : Continue to stitch the fourth dancer lady (Buchaechum Traditional dance)
Timeline : October 2013

12. Travel Memories by Dimensions
Status : N/A
Timeline : October - December 2013

That's the list that i'm going to stitch in 2013! I also imagine what i'm going to stitch on 2014.. i hope i can stitch European Bistro by Dimensions and Kasuga Shrine by Anchor.. I hope i can finish all of them T.T

It have been almost one year already

Dear my fellow Stitchers.. 2012 is almost over. I can't say my gratitude how i can meet all of the fabuluos and amazing stitcher. This year especially on March 2012 i start to do crossstitching after i have been hiatus since 2001. 11 years i left the cross stitch world and now i come back. I Realize cross stitch now became part of my hobby and i need to learn all of them since i was newbie. 

now I want to make a list about what I’ve been stitching for this whole year. eh I’m talking about my finished cross stitch projects. So here it goes:

1. Lovers in The Garret by Soda Stitch (SO-3111)

2. Coffee and Cuddle by Margaret Sherry

3. Purple Iris Flower Bookmarks

4. A Row of Love by Dimensions

5. A little soda project for Cross Stitch Exchange Gift 2012

what will be i'm going to stitch on 2013? just wait it my next posting i will try to explain it more clearly! Thank you so much for this one year! I hope i can make more beautiful work in 2013!

So how about you stitchers? Would you share your finished cross stitch projects here and your WIP in 2012? I’d like to know about it.. cheers and happy stitching! :D

My Soda's towel exchange gift 2013

Hello everyone! i have been busy for making the exchange gift for my friend and the deadline is this December 2012.. In the last time i said i will make three different soda pattern but i changed my mind and now i make five different soda pattern. so here iam, i challenge myself for making five different sodas with the beads and also stitched on 18 CT. >//<

my first two soda have been finished. aren't they cute couples?? 

the boy hold umbrella and plant is finished. i've put some beads in his buttons and his cheek :D 

The girl also finished by me yesterday.. i try to put some beads in her hands, hairpins and also bracelet. is it already good? since it's my first time put some beads in the cross stitch 

voila! i have been finished four of five my sodas. Now, Iam working for my last sodas smile house. I hope i can working fast in the last one

It's the appearance when i have finished one:

P.S : 
The soda pattern that i have use :
1. SO-4113 Can you see my mind (Girl)? 
2. SO-4114 Can you see my mind (Boy)?
3. SO-4121 Love is sliding on the rain (Boy)?
4. SO-4122 Love is sliding on the rain (Girl)?
5. SO-4120 Smile House

My Spring comes page 2 of 10 have been finished!

Thanks God finally i have been finished this such difficult page 2 of 10 for spring comes by DOME. This part is really hard one since i have been made from 23rd October to 30th November 2012.. such one month =__=a. The silly one, i'm using only one tapestry.. maybe in another next page i should use 2-3 tapestry in the same time.. here we are my spring comes page 2 of 10.. voila!

In the same time, me and my friends held some Green Flips Lizzie Kate Stitching A Long (SAL) Project. we make the rules that it must be submitted by the end of the months. The timeline of the event is from 1st January to 31st July 2013. Every single month we make only one boxes. we will put their Album Link to the documents and everyone can visit other stitcher's works. If they submitted their album's link, their name will be put into the doorprize.. The winner will get a special cross stitch from Jordan, Amman. Now we have 112 stitcher who already partipate in this event! it will be exciting! I can't wait for January 2013! Yippie!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow i got November Feature, am i dreaming?

woww! Another great news came into me last night! i have joined an Devianart group "Deviants Gallery" and submitted my A Row Of Love! Today i opened my account and realize some news that really brighten my day! 


We have chosen your work for our Featured Folder for November!
This piece has been featured here:

On behalf of: 

Deviants Gallery

OMG! I never think before that my works will standing on the featured folder on November 2012 with other talented artist! Somehow their works are stunning and cool than mine. iam still speechless and also excited when received the news! i still asking myself am i dreaming the admins choosing my works instead of 50.782 other member.. I hope it can be my motivation and stepping stone into making a great cross stitch! yayyy! 


My Spring comes cross stitch's progress until 8th November 2012

I have to finish seven more thread in order to finish page 2 of 10. The progress is really going slowly. am i slow or the color is totally crazy? (two more green, one white, and four grey). wishing i can finish it soon

i'm also working on for my exchange gift 2013. i plan to make some towel that contains of soda cross stitch and also the beads.. the actual soda is usually done in 14 CT fabric. since i want to make towel it must be use 18 CT fabric. i still try to working finish this pattern and need more 9 sodas for ready stitching in the towel. will i able to finish it and send to her before january 2013? >//< 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cross stitch Exchange Gift 2013

Since i was cross stitch newcomers in this year and i never participated in cross stitch exchange gift before so i challenge myself for participating in this year..

In this year, there are 60 stitcher who participated in this event. we will got a receiver's name but we also doesn't know the one who will make cross stitch for us. the late date for sending this gift before 1st January 2013. so it will be also new year's gift.. don't you think so?

At the first time, iam really confused what is the thing that i want to make it? i have to see my receiver's favorite genre. she is love with cute things and that's why i choose to make soda pattern.. not only one soda pattern but combine into three pattern! *O*

The next idea is showing up when i wanna take a bath.. i think i will try to make a bathroom's towel with an soda stitch decoration on it.. I also think to add some beads and the color of the girl and boy's dress will be different in each time. that's why i need more beads color.

Here it is my preparation for making cross stitch exchange gift 2013!

The materials that i will be using to :
- Blue Towel
- White Aida 18CT Fabric (75x75cm)
- 3 soda's stitch pattern
- DMC thread
- Japan red, green, pink, black, white, orange and blue (Conversion from MillHill beads)
- Water erasable pen
- pink scissors
- Paper scotch tape

will i can make it finish soon before 1st January 2013? who is the lucky one who will receive my cross stitch exchange gift? wish me good luck for tomorrow, i will make it soon! :)

Pages 2 progress and Travel Memories

Hello my fellas stitcher, it's have been one week more that i haven't share my progress for spring comes (DOME).. it's really challenging since in pages two i have found many flower's color which need to be stitched.. so my decisions is i have to stitch pink, blue, orange, purple and also yellow flower first and then continue to a whole gradation green leaves and grey's gate.. check this out

the other rest white side is only for green leaves gradation and the grey's gate.. will i finish it soon the whole page 2 of 10? :p

In the other side, iam so happy yesterday i have received my Travel memories (Dimensions Petite kit) which i have bought from Stitch and More (America). I know it really takes a long time since it will shipping from America to Indonesia.. finally i received it in 27th October 2012 and i remembered i ordered it from 13th September (44 days it's such a long time, isn't it?)

Title: Travel Memories
Designed by: Dimensions., Inc
Size: 18 x 13 cm

Why i bought this kit? it is a simple answer. i love cross stitch kit which contains genre of vintage, classic and also paris things. Since i was born in Paris but i grown up in indonesia. *wish i can go back to my birthplace for the second time :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW : WIP Spring comes Pages 1 of 10!

Hello my stitcher fellas! it almost two week that i have been finished my bongsan Talchum's traditional dance.. i have focused to make my first landscape cross stitch. This is really new challenge for me since it is 10 pages for complete it! At least i'm amaze that i can make finish page 1.. There are 9 pages that i need to be done.. wish me good luck tomorrow i will continue this project!

This is the first look of my progress.. the green color is totally crazy.. since it has 5-6 color gradation 

continue to the bottom for stitching the green thread.. it really more looks like trees doesn't it?

The green thread is have met with pink color thread gradation! i want to meet the cherry blossom tree soon

now, i have continued to finish the brown chimney.. wishing that i can finish to the rooftop and also the wall

Voila! finally i can made this page 1 and there are 9 pages more that need to be done! wishing i can make it this is really my first landscape cross stitch! 

Title: Spring comes
The total size: 60 x 40 cm, stitched on 14 CT
Date timeline: 8th - 22nd October 2012
Pages : 1 of 10 (nine pages hot to go)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voila! My Bongsan Talchum's dancer is finish!

This is my second dancer lady from six lady that i have been done so far. Actually, the second dancer is looks more colorful and easy to make the backstitch for her!  I need one week for finish her with the backstitch. (1st - 7th October 2012). I intend to submit my dancer lady into eight color contest that held by #StitchingPirates (

I took initiative to start stitching from her dress. you can see there are many pink, red and yellow color

I already finish her dress and her mask.. i really disappointed when the thread for my kit is not complete. The Seller is gave me a wrong thread.. it must be DMC 581 (Moss Green) for her dress but she gave me the light blue. So i need to go to the mall for buying one floss only at that time i have to pending my stitching until i get my thread =__=

After i have bought my moss green thread i can continue her dress very smoothly.. and here we are the dancer already finish and it only need the backstitch then!

Voila! this is how is she looks like after i make the backstitch.. I have an idea in the next dancer i will use some beads for her dress. is that a good idea? 

Here we are, my Samulnori's dancer and Bongsan Talchum's dancer are standing together now.. are they lovely? which one do you like the most? 

P.S :
If you wanna know the history background of The Bongsan Talchum's dancer you can see this link * i hope we can learn more about the background about the cross stitch that i have been made :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finish! A Row of Love (Dimensions)

waww! finally! i can make it done in 4 months.. Actually this is challenging project since this is my first dimensions i can take a deep breath now for making a new project .. thank you so much for waiting my works and also the support love it! 

Title: A Row Of Love 
Designed by: Dimensions.,Inc
Size: 75 x 45 cm, stitched on 11 CT Fabric
Date timeline: 2nd May - 30th September 2012 (130 days / 4 months 9 days)
completion rate : 100% of 100%

After this i will continue to my new project such as :

Bongsan Talchum Traditional dance from Soda stitch! she is the second dancer from my the traditional dance of korea's kit. i need some warming up before i begin my hot DOME project :p

This spring comes by DOME will be my next project.. i challenge myself to the more difficult project.. that's why before i make it.. i need some warming up and refreshing time from soda's stitch dancer :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iris flower for February birth month

Actually, this purple iris flower is the flower for someone who birth on february. i want to give my besfriend, Wina who loves to read novel so much with my handmade. so i made this one. do you love it dear?

unfortunately, she was born on December. so i decide to change the february word into December. she requested to me that she loves purple flowers looks like on Glass Kamen manga. after this, i will put another last touch for this bookmarks!

*the difficulty is when i need to make the backstitch. it really complicated. every detail of petal flower and also the leaves.. this is my first time using 18 CT as my fabric. *i should postpone for making another flower cross stitch >//<

Title: Iris Flower for February birth month
Fabric : White Aida (18 CT)
Date Timeline: 4th August - 11st August 2012
using 12 thread colors 

Sewing Machine and Travel Memories

I remembered a few month ago my dad said to me that he have bought me a sewing machine! i totally speechless since i never think before he will buy me one. He already see my passion through craft and cross stitching and decide for me learn more about sewing. so someday he hope i can make my own clothes. 

The big day is coming! i remembered clearly on wednesday, 5th September 2012 the sewing machine is arrived at my house! yayy

Singer Stylist Model 7258

I amazed with this sewing machine. since i always saw the old traditional sewing machine which using desk and foot to running the machine. this electronic sewing machine also have 100 stitch patterns that includes 6 types of buttonholes, construction and stretch stitches. stylist features include 13 needle positions, needle threader, top drop-in bobbin, programmable needle up/down and decorative stitch lock

In the fact, i'm still not good for how to operate that super stylist and high-technology sewing machine. However, i really happy when i got this one. it motivates me to taking sewing's course soon. maybe i will take beginner-intermediate class for it! *cross finger *wink 

At the same time, i have ordered one of my ten years wishlist project.. this is really simple, beautiful, vintage and so paris cross stitch. here we are!

 Dimensions Gold Petite/minis Travel Memories. 

I can't wait for waiting it to arrive safely to my house. i think it will be take a long time since it imported directly from America. *America-Indonesia.. :O 

Welcome back again!

Finally! i come back again after having civil servant's enrollment test in last saturday, 8th september 2012! Alhamdulillah, i can write down my answer nicely in the answer sheet. I'm really tired and my ehad exploded when almost one month i need to study everything about global issues. in the same time, my parent forbid me to do cross stitching for a while. Fuhh~

I'm really dying seriously to study all of them in such one months.. i have to fill 226 questions the total. 200 questions in 2.5 hours and 26 questions about the global issues (multiple choice, short essay and essay) *collapse

In the other hand, it can open my eyes about the problem in the world is concern about. That's part of challenging if you want to be ambassador from your country. wish me good luck for passing the exam! i really waiting for the announcement on October 2012! 

Now, i'm ready back to stitching again. here come to momma, my beloved teddy bear's cross stitch! here is my teddy's bear progress! :D

you can see i already finish some of the right side of flower's border for the pillow. it's already 85% of completion 

Voila! the flower's bordery have been completed. it's already 90% of completion. next i will continue 5% for the shadows in their leg and 5% more for the backticth. i will be finish on anytime soon! yayy! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cultural IHSW July 2012

Hello everyone! sorry i do late posting. exactly it will be yesterday but my body feels not good. yesterday is my first day fasting in Ramadhan and the weather is so hot, i realized that i got light fever and sore-throat.

okay for the last weekend, i finished stitching the traditional dance of korea (samulnori's dancer). finally it finished after i stitched for past eight days. i realized it takes really slowly progress. here we are my a beautiful dancer :)

you could see there is the left one it is the backstitch yet and the right one it is already with the backstitch. are you agree that she is totally cute dancer? :D

thanks a lot reading my posting, it's time for me to have a proper rest again. wishing me better soon! :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Themelicious!

Actually this is my first time to participate in themelicious 2012! Thanks to my beloved friend, Mrs Yana Hanim who always give me spirit and motivated me to be confidence participate in this july theme. 

since we know that July 2012 theme is Jolly July. it Means jolly holiday with our WIP  or different holiday. i choose some cultural/ethic theme from Soda stitch. "The Traditional dance of Korea" . i made a dancer who dancing with her janggu and part of samulnori's perfomance in korea. what is Samulnori exactly ?

Samulnori is a group of four dynamic musicians dedicated to performing and preserving traditional korean music and dance. one of the musicians using janggu / hour glass drum to dance

my preparation for making this july themelicious. my fabric and DMC thread ready to be use! yayy! 
i love the gridlines in the fabric it can reduce my miscalculation when i do cross stitching :)

i already finish her purple haengbok and some parts of her Janggu. next i will continue to her face :)

Voila! look at her face and she already have red ribbon in her dress. i hope i can finish her completely with the Backstitch. she will be totally lovely musician! :)

Thanks everyone for reading my posting! i can't take cross stitching a long time since i'm in unwell condition. yesterday, i got light fever and bad headache. just wish me luck to finish her pink dress and backstitch :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first Cross stitch project! ;)

I was newbie that still four month to learn how to make cross stitch smoothly. it takes twelve years after i was elementary to continue this hobby. unfortunately, my elementary school's cross stitch had been UFO and  missing in action >//< So here iam took initiative to do cross stitch again. so my first choice going to soda stitch pattern! the chart is simple, cute and all of them full stitch. so i can learn fast to make cross stitch :) 

Voila! here it is my first project "Lovers in The garret" . i remembered when i made this project takes 12 days since my thread already out. so i need to go craft shop before i continue it. the difficult one when my first time do the backstitch. is my backstitch already good? 

my first project with the frame! i really love this pattern. the couples really cute one! i hanged it on my bedroom's wall. :) :) 

July 2012 WIPocalypse!

Okay my bear really takes slowly progress. Since this month there is another company called me for participate in recruitment and also i need to be focus in post graduate enrollment exam :'( That's why iam so sad that i can't really make the mom's bear finish soon. so here are my progress:
My progress on June 2012

my progress on July 2012 is i almost finish mom's bear. it will be more one leg and i can be move on to her son.

My progress on July 2012

hmm.. iam not found any difficulty to make mother's bear. she is really cute and iam so happy that i rarely found blended thread. i found one now in her leg. wishing i can finish both of her leg so she will be happy meet her husband and daughter :p

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my first try needlepoint!

when i got tired and bored with my current projects. i usually try making small project. so i chose to try my first needlepoint kit from Royal Paris collection (Little girl and her mirror). it looks like easy since it only using half stitch with 6 anchor's strands but it difficult when you are never stitch chart which already printed on canvas'. So these are my progress.. i make it today spending about 2-4 hours for stitching the background

i make it done the purple background in the right side. surprisingly, there are still more purple thread left on. so i can keep it on my stash for my another Anchor's project 

Voila! until now i try to finish the pink background on her in the left side. i don't know how to continue in the little girl's dress. can you see the grey and white gradation on her dress? i hope iam as newcomer for needlepoint can make it done. just wish me good luck <3 <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i can't stand to wait stitching spring comes!

i promise to myself to start my spring comes kit (DOME) until i finish my the row of love project. Hopefully in July 2012 since this kit for olympic stitching held by WIPocalypse.  But in the reality, i can't keep that promise. i start to stitch this kit a little bit. i still need to be focus for finishing the bears family X( X(

these are the thread and charts for the spring comes. it looks good since i can see many colorful thread. the total thread in this chart are 62 thread. 

my hands so itchy and want to make this kit . so i give up i start to stitch this kits (i ruin my plan that wanna make this kit on july 2012) *poor me!

hahaa i only make it done the yellow border and the green leaves beside the borders. it's still a long way to go to finish this project. just wait me until i finish my row of love project then! i wish i can have gorgeous house beside the blue river and cherry blossom tree. *it's perfect house! >//<