Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pages 2 progress and Travel Memories

Hello my fellas stitcher, it's have been one week more that i haven't share my progress for spring comes (DOME).. it's really challenging since in pages two i have found many flower's color which need to be stitched.. so my decisions is i have to stitch pink, blue, orange, purple and also yellow flower first and then continue to a whole gradation green leaves and grey's gate.. check this out

the other rest white side is only for green leaves gradation and the grey's gate.. will i finish it soon the whole page 2 of 10? :p

In the other side, iam so happy yesterday i have received my Travel memories (Dimensions Petite kit) which i have bought from Stitch and More (America). I know it really takes a long time since it will shipping from America to Indonesia.. finally i received it in 27th October 2012 and i remembered i ordered it from 13th September (44 days it's such a long time, isn't it?)

Title: Travel Memories
Designed by: Dimensions., Inc
Size: 18 x 13 cm

Why i bought this kit? it is a simple answer. i love cross stitch kit which contains genre of vintage, classic and also paris things. Since i was born in Paris but i grown up in indonesia. *wish i can go back to my birthplace for the second time :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful progress on Spring comes! Those colors are breathtaking =)

I love the new kit you got =)

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