Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my first try needlepoint!

when i got tired and bored with my current projects. i usually try making small project. so i chose to try my first needlepoint kit from Royal Paris collection (Little girl and her mirror). it looks like easy since it only using half stitch with 6 anchor's strands but it difficult when you are never stitch chart which already printed on canvas'. So these are my progress.. i make it today spending about 2-4 hours for stitching the background

i make it done the purple background in the right side. surprisingly, there are still more purple thread left on. so i can keep it on my stash for my another Anchor's project 

Voila! until now i try to finish the pink background on her in the left side. i don't know how to continue in the little girl's dress. can you see the grey and white gradation on her dress? i hope iam as newcomer for needlepoint can make it done. just wish me good luck <3 <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i can't stand to wait stitching spring comes!

i promise to myself to start my spring comes kit (DOME) until i finish my the row of love project. Hopefully in July 2012 since this kit for olympic stitching held by WIPocalypse.  But in the reality, i can't keep that promise. i start to stitch this kit a little bit. i still need to be focus for finishing the bears family X( X(

these are the thread and charts for the spring comes. it looks good since i can see many colorful thread. the total thread in this chart are 62 thread. 

my hands so itchy and want to make this kit . so i give up i start to stitch this kits (i ruin my plan that wanna make this kit on july 2012) *poor me!

hahaa i only make it done the yellow border and the green leaves beside the borders. it's still a long way to go to finish this project. just wait me until i finish my row of love project then! i wish i can have gorgeous house beside the blue river and cherry blossom tree. *it's perfect house! >//<

In memoriam, my cat

okay this 22nd june 2012 will be the one months that my four cat left me to heaven. last month has been the diffcult month for me. why is it happen? since my four cat dying continously one by one everyday. it's still remind me how i took care of them. since i love cat, i decided to make Kitty litter (Dimensions Gold) on my future project.

when i bought this kits, my cat still alive. so when they are left it's hard for me to stitch this kit. i need to recover my heart and feelings. the Panleukopenia Fenine (FP) Virus took away my cat. the virus attacked their digestions and duodenum so they finally died only two days after they got this cruel disease. 22nd May - Belinda's died, 23rd May - Garfield's died, 24th May - Michelle's died and the last one 30th May - Jessie's died. I have to move on and face the truth that they already happy and not sick anymore. I promise i will make this kit after my heart and feeling fully recovered. :')

that picture is one of their memories when they are still have lunch together. its only left the bigger cat white fur (the left side). i will always remind all of you in my heart. good bye Garfield, Belinda, Michelle and Jessie. now, all of you are happy palying together in heaven  :'(

June - WIPocalypse (The Row Of Love)

woww! finally my name got registered as June participants in measi's blog! it's totally stressful when i already submitted my name until three times but no link appear. so i'm very happy when my name already registered! look at the red one! :3 :3

okay, since iam participate on June 2012 WIPocalypse, here they are my projects that already need to be done. i hope next month i can change the new project.

Before there are two bear has been done

After i continue my stitching look at the mom's bear progress

mom's bear dress difficulty is when i need change to brown thread to another blue and purple's. i hope her dress will finish soon as possible. >//<

P.S since, its my third project and i challenge myself to make big project (75 x 45 cm) with 11 CT Fabric. I really need your suggestion and feedback. is it already good? seriously, almost two month my progress working so slowly :')

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sprint and Rotation Relay (Wipocalypse)

Since Olympic will be start on July 2012, Wipocalypse challenge us with Olympic stitching! we can compete in one or several events. The Stitching Olympics will start from 27 July 2012 at 9 pm London Time (GMT) until 1 September 2012 at 10 am London Time (GMT).

WOWW! I wannaa participate in this project! sounds cool and we can be more focus! so, i choose to participate in The sprint and Rotation Relay event! what is it? do you wanna know more?

1. The Sprint -  If you’re stitching smalls or have pieces that are nearly done, push yourself to complete them! so in my prediction, in that periods of time i will have "Spring Comes" by DOME that need to be DONE.. it will also good if i also can finish my mom's kit from french. spring comes and small project will be suitable for the sprint's event!

2. Rotation Relay - You’re like Measi with a ton of WIPs.  Pick a number of projects, then determine your hours that you’ll work on each piece, and do a steady rotation of them, working each project before you return to any in the rotation.  (I’ll be doing a three hour rotation relay, for example… with an unknown number of projects). i think i need to be disipline.  no more Work in Process than two project. since i can't handle to divide the time fairly. so i decide to working on Spring comes by DOME and Pink Rose by DMC.

let's see if iam free nothing to do, i will set two hours for each piece. if iam already busy with another activity, i will set 30 minutes-1 hour for each piece. iam so excited for complete this challenge! it will be fun and motivate me to finish soon and be focus! 

so my stitcher friend, what kind of event that you wanna participate in Olympic stitching?

complete information about the olympic stitching :



WIP-The Row Of Love Project

1 of 4 bear progress! iam working on papa's bear. it very challenging since i found my first blending thread color! i got confused when i found blending thread and stitching in 11 CT it uneasy as i thought before. stitching in 11 CT means i need 3 thread color. so i have to look carefully the chart what color dominant for the blending thread.
Work in Process date: 2nd-6th May 2012

i continued my stitching into his leg and body. wow his fur full of blending thread color. wishing that i can move to his head ;p
work in process date: 6th-8th May 2012

Voila! the papa's bear finally done. i have to make it her daughter now. wishing i will meet less of blending thread
work in process date: 8th-16th May 2012

i made little girl's bear now and also the pillow's background. do you see the grey's color thread on their back?
work in process date: 16th-25th May 2012

Voila! the little girl's bear are have been done by me! yayy! iam so happy! she is looks cute with her outfits! i realize that i works slowly for just two bear i spent one months itself. *i wish i have two pairs another hand. now i continue to stitch mom's bear..
work in process date: 25th May- 2nd June 2012 

WIP-Pink Rose

Fiuhh! this is my first cross stitch project that theme is flower. i made it into 1/4 half of total chart. the pink gradation for the pink rose kinda difficult. i need to look carefully since i have to change 8 pink color with almost same gradation. that's why this project takes a long time to finish it
work in process date : 6th - 12nd April 2012

 i got frustation to finish the left upper side, i think i have miscalculation and i need working on it again. that's why i choose to continue the left down side. i love the color of this pattern. the flower looks so bright!
work in process date : 12nd - 20th April 2012

after a long time, i can finish it almost the 50% of the total chart. yayy! i love the brown vase it looks so real! i need to work in the right side soon!
work in process date: 20th - 25th April 2012

Ps: just wait it the next progress of this beautiful pink rose ;p

WIP-Coffee and Cuddle Project

1 of 4 mug is done! seriously, it's my first time meet 1/4 stitch, 3/4 stitch and also french knot in such one picture. i never done it before. my another three project that i have been made only have full stitch and half stitch. so this is it the result of my first trial error. it works perfectly!
Work in Process date: 5th-6th June 2012

 2 of 4 mug are done!  the second mug it's not realluy hard since remember i have been practiced with the first mug! since my head getting hurt paying too much attention in stitching. i can't make it done only in one day.
Work in process date: 6th-8th June 2012

3 of 4 mug are DONE! the third one is looks simpler and easier to make it done. since i didn't meet the cat face and ear. cute tails!
work in process date: 8th-10th June 2012

Voila! the coffee and cuddle project are done completely! *it tooks 7 days for finishing this mini project. but i love the end of result :)
work on process date: 10th-12nd June 2012

Coffee and Cuddle Project

*Finally! thanks god this mini project are done! it takes 6 days from 6th-12nd June 2012.. this kit i will give to my besties who celebrated her birthday on last 25th May 2012. Hope she like it!

Behind the story:
Seriously, this project really takes my full attention because i have to work with 1/4 stitch, 3/4 stitch and french knot. it a new things for me. i need to look up to video tutorial, learn from craft's shop assistant but in the end iam proud i can make it cute and beautiful! >//<

My favorite pattern

Iam a woman who interest to archictecture, design interior and also cat lover. so no wonder if i falling in love easily with pattern such as:

  1) LANDSCAPE/SCENERY - when i see the beautiful landscape such as waterfall, houses near of the lake/tree, etc it can make my heart beating so fast. Even i know making that one need hard effort because many gradation color thread and change the thread frequently. So i think DIMENSIONS pattern can answer my pleasure! ♥

  2) BUILDINGS - i love looking at the design and the historical buildings that have been made for cross stitch pattern. I know it will be using more than 60-70 thread color but it unique. You can see the sample like THEA GOVERNOUR'S design. Even i never visit turkey, st petersburg before i feel looks like already gone there.

  3) CAT (animals) - i'm cat lover. I have two cat in my house. I love the way they want to be spoiled by me, they have soft fur. So that's why my eyes become "blink blink" when i meet cat pattern. --a. Margaret sherry and dimensions gold's series can make me addicted :')

  4) SODA STITCH - i love japanese cartoon since i was elementary school until now. So when i see soda it usually contains cute and sweet couples it can give me guilty pleasure. Yahh it can also be another side project beside the big project. Soda also have bright thread color. *my first cross stitch is also soda and it beautifully hanged on my bedroom's wall So that's all about my favorite cross stitch pattern.

Every person have their own interest and hobby. How about your interest's pattern my stitcher friend? Cheers,

Marinaa :))

What is French knot?

French knot is one of basic element of embroidery that have been usually made for flowers, polkadots and also eyes for bear/animals.  the shape will be round and it usually wrap the thread around the needle two or five times. it depends on your fabric's size. iam using 11 CT fabric and it need 5 times for wrap the thread around the needle :)
picture taken from :

these are the basic step for making the simple french knot:
1) pull your thread out to the top of fabric
2) wrap the thread to needle around two until five times
3) Push the needle down through the fabric just next to where it came out first, holding the thread tight in your fingers.  Pull the needle through the knot to the back of the fabric. make sure you holding tight because it can be lose easily 
4) voila your first french knot already done!

p.s : you can try first to another fabric before trying in your project. it takes patience and hard effort to make it. don't worry, practice will makes perfect!

Another french knot tutorial website that will be helpful :

tips and trick about cross stitch!

Since March 2012, beside i cooked for my family, i also do some cross stitch when i spend my leaisure time and everyday looks like holiday for me. in this post i will sharing tips trick to do cross stitch.what is cross stitch?

Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture. Cross-stitch is often executed on easily countable evenweave fabric called aida cloth(based on :

what kinds of materials that we need to make cross stitch?
1) prepare some aida cloth fabric. it usually have many size variation. starting from 9 CT, 11 CT, and 14 CT,18 CT and even 32 CT. the bigger one CT Size it means the fabric cloth's size will be smaller because much density. CT means the total of density for square/hole per inch. *tips : start to do cross stitch in the center of the fabric. it will easier your work :)
picture taken from :
2) Buy the pattern that you want. many shop such as hobby craft and online shop only sell the pattern. it depends on you what kind of pattern do you want to make. is it scenery? flower? cartoon?
my suggestion if you are still newbie and first time try these tips that useful :
- buy the simple pattern with no back stitch and have same thread.
- it will be help you if you buy pattern with colorful picture. trust me it will be work for your first project :)
3. Buy the thread for the pattern needed.
there are many types of thread that you can be use such as :
- DMC thread. it is the common thread. you can found in every craft shop. it usually around IDR 6.000/ 8 M
- Blue moon. it usually around IDR 4.500/8 M
- Anchor
- China's thread.
- Madeira's thread. it around IDR 7.500/8 M
tips : if you still newbie, buy some pattern that doesn't need many thread. at least 10-20 thread will be enough. don't dare to try cross stitch pattern which needs 40-50 thread. it will need more your focus and concentration

4. Scissors
you will need it to cut down the thread when you do the project
- there are 8 kinds of cross stitch that you usually found in your pattern :
A. Back stitch
B. Full cross stitch
C. 1/2 Cross Stitch
D. 1/4 Cross Stitch
E. 3/4 Cross Stitch
F. French Knot
G. Lazy stitch
H. Satin stitch

Voila! here we are, you can start to make the cross stitch! wish you good luck then! :D :D

Another link that useful for making the cross stitch :

welcome to my stitching world

hello everyone! let me introduce myself first. iam Marina, indonesian woman, iam sanguinist and cholerist person. i love everything related about marketing communication,public relations and brand management's issue, japanese culture, cooking and also i found my another hobby is cross-stitching! yayy!
i remembered that my first kit is mickey mouse (Orchid pattern). it made when i was 6th grade on my elementary school. the mickey mouse wearing green shirts and yellow pants. iam also using pink fabric to make it more brightly. unfortunately, this mickey mouse's is missing. i can say in the end it became UFO's project. missing and nowhere to found =____= 

so after i finished my university, i found this cross-stitching hobby again! finally after 12 years i stitching again! my first trial error project is lady in red (woodpecker's bird). it became dropped project since i realized now how stupid iam make 1/4 and 3/4 stitch with full stitch all of them *upps, iam totally newbie >//<

so here iam now, iam working in two project now. Pink rose and The Row Of love. thanks God both of them are only using full stitch, half stitch and french knot. maybe iam still newbie in this cross stitch world *hmm march-June 2012 (3 months). i need to learn more about the cross stitch technique from the expert and never afraid to ask if you don't know or trust me you will be lost! 

PS: Sst. now i'm still finish 2 projects of 11 projects. that means i have 9 projects to finish it. hopefully this year i can make it all of them. bismillah! ;p