Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIP-The Row Of Love Project

1 of 4 bear progress! iam working on papa's bear. it very challenging since i found my first blending thread color! i got confused when i found blending thread and stitching in 11 CT it uneasy as i thought before. stitching in 11 CT means i need 3 thread color. so i have to look carefully the chart what color dominant for the blending thread.
Work in Process date: 2nd-6th May 2012

i continued my stitching into his leg and body. wow his fur full of blending thread color. wishing that i can move to his head ;p
work in process date: 6th-8th May 2012

Voila! the papa's bear finally done. i have to make it her daughter now. wishing i will meet less of blending thread
work in process date: 8th-16th May 2012

i made little girl's bear now and also the pillow's background. do you see the grey's color thread on their back?
work in process date: 16th-25th May 2012

Voila! the little girl's bear are have been done by me! yayy! iam so happy! she is looks cute with her outfits! i realize that i works slowly for just two bear i spent one months itself. *i wish i have two pairs another hand. now i continue to stitch mom's bear..
work in process date: 25th May- 2nd June 2012 


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