Tuesday, June 19, 2012

welcome to my stitching world

hello everyone! let me introduce myself first. iam Marina, indonesian woman, iam sanguinist and cholerist person. i love everything related about marketing communication,public relations and brand management's issue, japanese culture, cooking and also i found my another hobby is cross-stitching! yayy!
i remembered that my first kit is mickey mouse (Orchid pattern). it made when i was 6th grade on my elementary school. the mickey mouse wearing green shirts and yellow pants. iam also using pink fabric to make it more brightly. unfortunately, this mickey mouse's is missing. i can say in the end it became UFO's project. missing and nowhere to found =____= 

so after i finished my university, i found this cross-stitching hobby again! finally after 12 years i stitching again! my first trial error project is lady in red (woodpecker's bird). it became dropped project since i realized now how stupid iam make 1/4 and 3/4 stitch with full stitch all of them *upps, iam totally newbie >//<

so here iam now, iam working in two project now. Pink rose and The Row Of love. thanks God both of them are only using full stitch, half stitch and french knot. maybe iam still newbie in this cross stitch world *hmm march-June 2012 (3 months). i need to learn more about the cross stitch technique from the expert and never afraid to ask if you don't know or trust me you will be lost! 

PS: Sst. now i'm still finish 2 projects of 11 projects. that means i have 9 projects to finish it. hopefully this year i can make it all of them. bismillah! ;p


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