Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My favorite pattern

Iam a woman who interest to archictecture, design interior and also cat lover. so no wonder if i falling in love easily with pattern such as:

  1) LANDSCAPE/SCENERY - when i see the beautiful landscape such as waterfall, houses near of the lake/tree, etc it can make my heart beating so fast. Even i know making that one need hard effort because many gradation color thread and change the thread frequently. So i think DIMENSIONS pattern can answer my pleasure! ♥

  2) BUILDINGS - i love looking at the design and the historical buildings that have been made for cross stitch pattern. I know it will be using more than 60-70 thread color but it unique. You can see the sample like THEA GOVERNOUR'S design. Even i never visit turkey, st petersburg before i feel looks like already gone there.

  3) CAT (animals) - i'm cat lover. I have two cat in my house. I love the way they want to be spoiled by me, they have soft fur. So that's why my eyes become "blink blink" when i meet cat pattern. --a. Margaret sherry and dimensions gold's series can make me addicted :')

  4) SODA STITCH - i love japanese cartoon since i was elementary school until now. So when i see soda it usually contains cute and sweet couples it can give me guilty pleasure. Yahh it can also be another side project beside the big project. Soda also have bright thread color. *my first cross stitch is also soda and it beautifully hanged on my bedroom's wall So that's all about my favorite cross stitch pattern.

Every person have their own interest and hobby. How about your interest's pattern my stitcher friend? Cheers,

Marinaa :))


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