Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In memoriam, my cat

okay this 22nd june 2012 will be the one months that my four cat left me to heaven. last month has been the diffcult month for me. why is it happen? since my four cat dying continously one by one everyday. it's still remind me how i took care of them. since i love cat, i decided to make Kitty litter (Dimensions Gold) on my future project.

when i bought this kits, my cat still alive. so when they are left it's hard for me to stitch this kit. i need to recover my heart and feelings. the Panleukopenia Fenine (FP) Virus took away my cat. the virus attacked their digestions and duodenum so they finally died only two days after they got this cruel disease. 22nd May - Belinda's died, 23rd May - Garfield's died, 24th May - Michelle's died and the last one 30th May - Jessie's died. I have to move on and face the truth that they already happy and not sick anymore. I promise i will make this kit after my heart and feeling fully recovered. :')

that picture is one of their memories when they are still have lunch together. its only left the bigger cat white fur (the left side). i will always remind all of you in my heart. good bye Garfield, Belinda, Michelle and Jessie. now, all of you are happy palying together in heaven  :'(


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