Monday, December 30, 2013

my 2014 crossstitch Resolution

i want to share my 2014 crossstitch resolution. last year resolution are not accomplished hiks. However i proud to myself i can finish 8 project in this year and last year i only have finished 5 projects. not too bad :)

Here we are my 2014 crossstitch to-do list :
Deadline January - March 31, 2014
1. Sewing Room (Soda Stitch)
2. December calendar cat (Margaret Sherry)
3. April Calendar Cat (Margaret Sherry)
4. Parisian Bicycle (dimensions)

March-December 2014
5. King of the jungle cushions (Maria Diaz)
6. WIP Green Flip (Lizzie Kate) -- 2013 unfinished project
7. Kasuga Nara Shrine (Anchor)
8. Dictionary of bras (Bothy Threads)
9. Air goddess (Joan Elliott)
10. WIP the traditional dance of korea (Soda Stitch) -- 2013 unfinished project
11. WIP Spring Comes (DOME) -- 2013 unfinished project
12. WIP Oriental lady wisdom (Joan Elliott) -- 2013 unfinished project
13. WIP Winter Kitten (Dimensions) -- 2013 unfinished project

I hope in next year i can finish at least 10 project that became my list now. and here are some progress of my WIP for next year 

Some WIPs for next year 

December Calendar Cat

WIP Parisian Bicycle (pages 1 of 2) - Dimensions

WIP Oriental lady wisdom (Pages 1 of 4) - Joan Elliott

Air goddess (pages 1 of 4

WIP King of the jungle (2 of 5) - Maria Diaz

WIP The traditional dance (4 of 6) - Soda Stitch

WIP Spring Comes (DOME)

Almost all of them will be finish so i decided to not open too many new kits. i want to try finish my WIP first ( I hope so) ganbatte kudasai! :)



Dot Ling said...

hi, with what kind of pencil or pen to draw the line on the cloth? Thank you

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