Monday, December 2, 2013

Stash collection

Hmm.. I don't know what i have to say. if iam happy since i can buy some new kits and pattern that i want or sad since i will broke until end of january 2014. Hiks hiks..

I have bought new kits and pattern for making the mug since iam deeply in love to make another one after i made the choco cupcakes for my friend..

The description:
1) The train (Nice day pattern) 
This pattern theme is about train and is very lovely. i love the pattern which is have the vibrant color and also i want stitch it someday.. it needs 40 skein DMC color..

2) Life is sweet (Dimensions)
I made the punch needles pre-order to the online stitching shop and it will be arrive soon on this December 2013. now i made another punch needle kits live laugh love and it needs the stretch small hoop on it

3) Europe Travel (DOME)
I also made the pre-order to this kit since October 2013 and it will be arrive soon on this December 2013. This is one of my wishlist kit since i love Venesia and also love the landscape so much. :')

4) Cupcakes (Soda stitch) & Mug (Yeidam)
I bought this pattern a week ago to stitch in front of the mug. i bought the red mug not the yellow like the picture.. i really love red color and also the combination of cupcakes will be perfect for my mug

5) 125 designer Borders (Gloria and pat)
I bought this pattern and waiting for the confirmation payment from my friends. it's really cute border. i have an idea to make the border turn into pillow case, tablecloth, towel and greetings card it will be lovely

For January 2014 iam also make some pre-order from online stitching shop. I bought some tissue case and also coaster with different unique looks and also some kits.

number 1 and 2 are cross stitch kits. friendship theme and also peony flower is really beautiful so i ordered it.

the other one is about tissue case which made from crossstitch. I want to make tissue case for my office desk (the books and windmill for sure) and the ornament one (Tissue case and coaster) will be for my home decoration that's why i choose the neutral pattern.

hiks hiks that's why i said iam broke until the end of january 2014. I really love all of them :')


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