Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finish! A Row of Love (Dimensions)

waww! finally! i can make it done in 4 months.. Actually this is challenging project since this is my first dimensions i can take a deep breath now for making a new project .. thank you so much for waiting my works and also the support love it! 

Title: A Row Of Love 
Designed by: Dimensions.,Inc
Size: 75 x 45 cm, stitched on 11 CT Fabric
Date timeline: 2nd May - 30th September 2012 (130 days / 4 months 9 days)
completion rate : 100% of 100%

After this i will continue to my new project such as :

Bongsan Talchum Traditional dance from Soda stitch! she is the second dancer from my the traditional dance of korea's kit. i need some warming up before i begin my hot DOME project :p

This spring comes by DOME will be my next project.. i challenge myself to the more difficult project.. that's why before i make it.. i need some warming up and refreshing time from soda's stitch dancer :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iris flower for February birth month

Actually, this purple iris flower is the flower for someone who birth on february. i want to give my besfriend, Wina who loves to read novel so much with my handmade. so i made this one. do you love it dear?

unfortunately, she was born on December. so i decide to change the february word into December. she requested to me that she loves purple flowers looks like on Glass Kamen manga. after this, i will put another last touch for this bookmarks!

*the difficulty is when i need to make the backstitch. it really complicated. every detail of petal flower and also the leaves.. this is my first time using 18 CT as my fabric. *i should postpone for making another flower cross stitch >//<

Title: Iris Flower for February birth month
Fabric : White Aida (18 CT)
Date Timeline: 4th August - 11st August 2012
using 12 thread colors 

Sewing Machine and Travel Memories

I remembered a few month ago my dad said to me that he have bought me a sewing machine! i totally speechless since i never think before he will buy me one. He already see my passion through craft and cross stitching and decide for me learn more about sewing. so someday he hope i can make my own clothes. 

The big day is coming! i remembered clearly on wednesday, 5th September 2012 the sewing machine is arrived at my house! yayy

Singer Stylist Model 7258

I amazed with this sewing machine. since i always saw the old traditional sewing machine which using desk and foot to running the machine. this electronic sewing machine also have 100 stitch patterns that includes 6 types of buttonholes, construction and stretch stitches. stylist features include 13 needle positions, needle threader, top drop-in bobbin, programmable needle up/down and decorative stitch lock

In the fact, i'm still not good for how to operate that super stylist and high-technology sewing machine. However, i really happy when i got this one. it motivates me to taking sewing's course soon. maybe i will take beginner-intermediate class for it! *cross finger *wink 

At the same time, i have ordered one of my ten years wishlist project.. this is really simple, beautiful, vintage and so paris cross stitch. here we are!

 Dimensions Gold Petite/minis Travel Memories. 

I can't wait for waiting it to arrive safely to my house. i think it will be take a long time since it imported directly from America. *America-Indonesia.. :O 

Welcome back again!

Finally! i come back again after having civil servant's enrollment test in last saturday, 8th september 2012! Alhamdulillah, i can write down my answer nicely in the answer sheet. I'm really tired and my ehad exploded when almost one month i need to study everything about global issues. in the same time, my parent forbid me to do cross stitching for a while. Fuhh~

I'm really dying seriously to study all of them in such one months.. i have to fill 226 questions the total. 200 questions in 2.5 hours and 26 questions about the global issues (multiple choice, short essay and essay) *collapse

In the other hand, it can open my eyes about the problem in the world is concern about. That's part of challenging if you want to be ambassador from your country. wish me good luck for passing the exam! i really waiting for the announcement on October 2012! 

Now, i'm ready back to stitching again. here come to momma, my beloved teddy bear's cross stitch! here is my teddy's bear progress! :D

you can see i already finish some of the right side of flower's border for the pillow. it's already 85% of completion 

Voila! the flower's bordery have been completed. it's already 90% of completion. next i will continue 5% for the shadows in their leg and 5% more for the backticth. i will be finish on anytime soon! yayy!