Monday, December 30, 2013

my 2014 crossstitch Resolution

i want to share my 2014 crossstitch resolution. last year resolution are not accomplished hiks. However i proud to myself i can finish 8 project in this year and last year i only have finished 5 projects. not too bad :)

Here we are my 2014 crossstitch to-do list :
Deadline January - March 31, 2014
1. Sewing Room (Soda Stitch)
2. December calendar cat (Margaret Sherry)
3. April Calendar Cat (Margaret Sherry)
4. Parisian Bicycle (dimensions)

March-December 2014
5. King of the jungle cushions (Maria Diaz)
6. WIP Green Flip (Lizzie Kate) -- 2013 unfinished project
7. Kasuga Nara Shrine (Anchor)
8. Dictionary of bras (Bothy Threads)
9. Air goddess (Joan Elliott)
10. WIP the traditional dance of korea (Soda Stitch) -- 2013 unfinished project
11. WIP Spring Comes (DOME) -- 2013 unfinished project
12. WIP Oriental lady wisdom (Joan Elliott) -- 2013 unfinished project
13. WIP Winter Kitten (Dimensions) -- 2013 unfinished project

I hope in next year i can finish at least 10 project that became my list now. and here are some progress of my WIP for next year 

Some WIPs for next year 

December Calendar Cat

WIP Parisian Bicycle (pages 1 of 2) - Dimensions

WIP Oriental lady wisdom (Pages 1 of 4) - Joan Elliott

Air goddess (pages 1 of 4

WIP King of the jungle (2 of 5) - Maria Diaz

WIP The traditional dance (4 of 6) - Soda Stitch

WIP Spring Comes (DOME)

Almost all of them will be finish so i decided to not open too many new kits. i want to try finish my WIP first ( I hope so) ganbatte kudasai! :)


September Calendar Cat Margaret Sherry

My cousins will be continue her study at Japan soon on 2014. So i decide to make farewell gift and also birthday present for her. Her birthday will be celebrate on March 31, 2014. She loves cat so much and i want to make something about cat for her. 

September Calendar Cat (Margaret Sherry)

I already made some gridliness for helping me to stitch this lovely cat. I started this project on December 25, 2013 

Still in the same day.. i can finish the leaves and fruits. Now i can continue to the cat and branches

December 26, 2013  the cat's fur and branches almost finish. I just need to stitch white on white and also some backstitch

Voila one of two my calendar cat project is finished. it took 4 days since 25th-28th December 2013 to complete it. seriously, even it's simple pattern but i need many stitching technique such as petite, quarter and also blended threads. =__=a

i plan to stitch this finished project into this cute striped cushions. is it cute? i hope my cousins will love this farewell gift :)


Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 Questions

I have found some 20 questions from Rahenna's blog ( so i try to answer based on my version. thank you Rahenna! :*

1) Which fabric do you most prefer?hmm.. Actually it's difficult questions since so far i only using Aida and DMC Fabric. I prefer using Aida since it stiff than DMC fabric. I wanna try someday Evenweave, Belfast or Lugana even it's pricy in my country. 

2) What is your favorite fabric count?
i'm deeply in love with 18 CT Fabric. Iam still never try 25/28/32 CT before  since many my projects using 18 CT. in the opposite, I really hate stitching on 11 CT Fabric. It not really good since i love stitching landscape designs. 18 CT fabric is the best one for landscape designs. don't you think so?

3) What colour fabric do you most enjoy stitching on?
I Love cream and ecru color. I can also try experiment to hand dyed them. 

4) What is your favorite fiber?
So far i love madeira threads. it very smooth and also have bright color than DMC Color threads

5) How many of the 450 DMC Colours do you own?
Since iam still became stitcher for 2 years and will be 3 years on 2014, so far i collected 100+ DMC Threads. 

6) Of your last 5 projects -- how many used DMC/Anchor as the main floss?
haha just two of them. Central Javanese Wedding and also Windmill Mobilephone straps.

7) Of the last 5 projects, if you didn't use DMC/ANCHOR -- what did you use?
I usually using CMC threads to change DMC threads. since it far away cheaper than DMC but have similar code number with DMC threads

8) What needles do you prefer?
I love china needles and also John James needles. I can owe them to stitch my project. However, i don't like using Pony needles made in India. it very fragile it broken easily

9) What is the UGLIEST design you've encountered?\
Hmm.. So far i'm still not found the ugliest design however i really don't like to stitch sampler and flower project. 

10) What is the most BEAUTIFUL design you've encountered?
 I have two projects that became my favorites.. A Row Of Love by Dimensions and also Spring Comes by DOME.. both of them really stunning

11) Who is your favorite designer?
- Margaret Sherry
- Dimensions
- Nene Thomas

12) Least Favorite Designer
- Bothy Threads
- Lanarte

13) Will you/would you support a designer who's personal beliefs offended / angered you?
Hmm.. i don't know since somehow personal beliefs designer not always same with us. we have different perception and mind about how we look up to the issues

14) Do you have a lamp especially made for needleworkers/crafters?
Nope, i prefer using daylight bulbs than specially made for my crossstitch project

15) What brand of stitching lamp do you have/prefer?
Nope, i really don't care what kinds of brand is it as long as it switch on all day long

16) What kind of environment best suits you when you are stitching?
I love to stitch in my own bedroom since it really quiet and i can focus to finish my stitch

17) Have you stitched any design more than once?
No, I haven't. I usually got bored to stitch the same project twice

18) Favorite design you have stitched and finished?
A Row of love by Dimensions, Central Javanese Wedding and also Windmill mobilephone straps. all of them are awesome finished project. A row of love and Central Javanese Wedding i got some award from Devianart for the best project :D 

19) Least favorite design you've stitched and finished?
Vervaco Booty shoes since it too many gradation about brown and pink. I also have Pink Rose by DMC and it still became UFO.. i think iam unlucky with flowery project

20) Last, but not least, what's your longest running WIP?
Spring Comes by DOME. its starts February 2013 and still unfinished yet.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a glimpse story about threads

There are many kinds embroidery thread in cross stitching.. I wanna share about the most stitcher use in my country. 

The first one is we called Rose thread. the quality is very low and also easy to fry and iam not recommend to use this one. it is also made in china.. however the price is the cheapest amongs the threads. From $ 1 you can get 12 threads. It is cheap, isn't it?

"Rose" brand threads

There are also CMC Threads. The quality and color is almost similar from DMC Threads. it is also made in china. However the price is cheaper than DMC. From $1 you can get 3 threads. look the similar threads with the DMC. The color chart is also as same as DMC but CMC usually have "8" before the code is. For Example: If DMC Code number is 741 and then CMC threads will be 8741

The left one is DMC Thread and the right one is CMC thread.
Images taken from
The third one is Blue Moon threads. It is made in China. I never using this one since iam prefer using CMC or DMC Threads. The price is also cheaper than DMC but more expensive than CMC threads. From $1 you can get 2 threads of blue moon.

We also have DMC threads. it quite common for every stitcher in Indonesia for using this one. The quality is very good better than CMC, blue moon or Rose. However from $1 you get 2 threads.  

Next, we have Anchor threads. It is made in Europe. I rarely using this threads since it's quite pricy in my country. i admit that the quality is very good than DMC threads. However From $1 you only get 1 threads

Anchor threads
Images taken from

And the last but not least, we have Madeira threads. It is made in Europe. I never using this threads since it's very expensive. I admit the color is really vibrant and very good than DMC and Anchor. my experience in madeira is when i bought Bothy threads kit. 

Images taken from,91165,madeira-embroidery-floss.htm


Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! *adios! :)

Left: Rose brand Middle: DMC Right: DOME Metallic

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SAL Stitcher's Verse is finished

Iam participated on SAL Stitcher's verse which held on September 1st until January 31st 2014. Every month we will upload our projects based on first row until the last row. However, iam already finished first before the deadline. Here we are my another finished project :)

My First row - October 2013

"Cross-stitchers are a different breed
The things we hope for, the things we need
We wish for floss to finish that row
We sometimes wish our guests would go"

My Second Row - November 2013

"We wait all day for that time to be
That special time~ that time for ME
Each needle is threaded, the colors arrayed
Scissors and chart have been carefully laid"

My third Row - December 2013

"Now we relax, this is our pleasure
Stitching this piece of soon-to-be treasure
We always ignore that mental warning
Stitching all night makes it rough in the morning"

 My last Row - January 2014

"But time's unimportant, we don't heed clocks
We just need floss and a sewing box
Our project awaits us, now we proceed
This must be heaven ~ what more could we need!"

I really love the theme is! hahaa every stitcher must have same problem like that verse! :*

Monday, December 2, 2013

Stash collection

Hmm.. I don't know what i have to say. if iam happy since i can buy some new kits and pattern that i want or sad since i will broke until end of january 2014. Hiks hiks..

I have bought new kits and pattern for making the mug since iam deeply in love to make another one after i made the choco cupcakes for my friend..

The description:
1) The train (Nice day pattern) 
This pattern theme is about train and is very lovely. i love the pattern which is have the vibrant color and also i want stitch it someday.. it needs 40 skein DMC color..

2) Life is sweet (Dimensions)
I made the punch needles pre-order to the online stitching shop and it will be arrive soon on this December 2013. now i made another punch needle kits live laugh love and it needs the stretch small hoop on it

3) Europe Travel (DOME)
I also made the pre-order to this kit since October 2013 and it will be arrive soon on this December 2013. This is one of my wishlist kit since i love Venesia and also love the landscape so much. :')

4) Cupcakes (Soda stitch) & Mug (Yeidam)
I bought this pattern a week ago to stitch in front of the mug. i bought the red mug not the yellow like the picture.. i really love red color and also the combination of cupcakes will be perfect for my mug

5) 125 designer Borders (Gloria and pat)
I bought this pattern and waiting for the confirmation payment from my friends. it's really cute border. i have an idea to make the border turn into pillow case, tablecloth, towel and greetings card it will be lovely

For January 2014 iam also make some pre-order from online stitching shop. I bought some tissue case and also coaster with different unique looks and also some kits.

number 1 and 2 are cross stitch kits. friendship theme and also peony flower is really beautiful so i ordered it.

the other one is about tissue case which made from crossstitch. I want to make tissue case for my office desk (the books and windmill for sure) and the ornament one (Tissue case and coaster) will be for my home decoration that's why i choose the neutral pattern.

hiks hiks that's why i said iam broke until the end of january 2014. I really love all of them :')

Yellow yarn anchor for my kit

on April 2013, My mom bought me some Royal paris needlepoint kit. montague and Little girl with her mirror. I decided to make a second one since she was so cute and the color so vibrant.. However when iam in the middle of the process i found something odds in the kits. i never found yellow yarn anchor at all inside the kits. if i forgot/drop to somewhere or in the beginning it isn't exist at all. the answer is the second one. this is my needlepoint kit that lack of yellow yarn anchor thread

I try my stitcher's friend suggestions that i should send my email complaints to coatscraft (manufacture which produce anchor threads) directly. I try to send email complaints to three coatscraft (UK, France and also Philliphines). I hope Philipphines will have fast respond since the location is near from my country only takes 2-3 hours with flight. Surprisingly, Coatscraft in United Kingdom who response my email first

Iam happy receive that email. i hope they can delivering their promise to send me the yellow yarn anchor threads for my little girl and her mirror. Is there anyone have same problem like this before? 

and there is another updates for my WIPS that last week i have made.. I finished almost pages 1 for Parisian bicycle (Dimensions) kit since i participated in SAL Dimensions which held on this November and stitching competitions on April 2014.

I also buy some new hand dyed threads from my stitcher's friends and metallic DMC threads for my JE project. I really love it the color and hesitate to use it for stitching *err =__=a

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! adios! :*