Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Themelicious!

Actually this is my first time to participate in themelicious 2012! Thanks to my beloved friend, Mrs Yana Hanim who always give me spirit and motivated me to be confidence participate in this july theme. 

since we know that July 2012 theme is Jolly July. it Means jolly holiday with our WIP  or different holiday. i choose some cultural/ethic theme from Soda stitch. "The Traditional dance of Korea" . i made a dancer who dancing with her janggu and part of samulnori's perfomance in korea. what is Samulnori exactly ?

Samulnori is a group of four dynamic musicians dedicated to performing and preserving traditional korean music and dance. one of the musicians using janggu / hour glass drum to dance

my preparation for making this july themelicious. my fabric and DMC thread ready to be use! yayy! 
i love the gridlines in the fabric it can reduce my miscalculation when i do cross stitching :)

i already finish her purple haengbok and some parts of her Janggu. next i will continue to her face :)

Voila! look at her face and she already have red ribbon in her dress. i hope i can finish her completely with the Backstitch. she will be totally lovely musician! :)

Thanks everyone for reading my posting! i can't take cross stitching a long time since i'm in unwell condition. yesterday, i got light fever and bad headache. just wish me luck to finish her pink dress and backstitch :)


geeky Heather said...

You dancer is very beautiful! And you have done a lot of work and made so much progress on her. I agree that the gridlines make things easier...but usually I am too impatient to begin stitching to make the gridlines. =) Thank you for joining Theme-a-licious! =D

Lumiruusu said...

What a special kind of chart ,so pretty little dancers !!! :)

I wish You will be soon at better condition ,remember to rest!
With my best greetings from Finland

Claire said...

Hi just found your blog.

Ordinary girl said...

@geeky Heather hello heather how are you? thanks for the praise.. haha yes i usually doesn't have any patient to start stitching without gridlines but i usually do miscalculation and i regret it. i usually asking the shop seller to make gridlines for my fabric. it can also save my time

@lumiruusu thanks you! yaa and i have five left that to be finish haha.. that's very kind of you.. thanks you so much for your attention. i hope i can get better soon! *greetings from Indonesia :)

@claire: hi. thank you for visiting my blog. i will visit your blog too.. nice to meet you claire. i hope we can be good friends! :)

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