Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iris flower for February birth month

Actually, this purple iris flower is the flower for someone who birth on february. i want to give my besfriend, Wina who loves to read novel so much with my handmade. so i made this one. do you love it dear?

unfortunately, she was born on December. so i decide to change the february word into December. she requested to me that she loves purple flowers looks like on Glass Kamen manga. after this, i will put another last touch for this bookmarks!

*the difficulty is when i need to make the backstitch. it really complicated. every detail of petal flower and also the leaves.. this is my first time using 18 CT as my fabric. *i should postpone for making another flower cross stitch >//<

Title: Iris Flower for February birth month
Fabric : White Aida (18 CT)
Date Timeline: 4th August - 11st August 2012
using 12 thread colors 


SoCal Debbie said...

That is a beautiful bookmark! I just made some bookmarks for my friend, too. The lace is very pretty.

Lumiruusu said...

The bookmark is so pretty ,I just love this style of romantic designes !
Lovely stitching and little buttrflyes in your blog are so cute !!

Ordinary girl said...

Thank you for the praise. woww. you also made it. is it four bookmarks that posted in your blog? they are really nice. and i amazed to your ability making HAED.. someday i will make HAED as my future project >//<

thank you for the compliment.. yes i do agree the design is kinda romantic and i love the lace too.. dont you think so? there are 12 kinds of flower's pattern for 12 month. each month is have different flower birth.. check this one

Joysze said...

This is beautifully stitched and finished. :) I'm sure your best friend will love it.

I saw your question on the Chatelaine Stitchers's blog, but couldn't reply to you directly since you don't have an email account linked to your blogger. :)

The designer is Martina Weber and company label is Chatelaine Designs. Here are a couple of links:

Ordinary girl said...


Thank you! after this i will put some purple vlt on the back so it will stronger for the bookmarks.. ahh i see my email is okaay thank you so much for the link. i will see that link :D

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