Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a glimpse story about threads

There are many kinds embroidery thread in cross stitching.. I wanna share about the most stitcher use in my country. 

The first one is we called Rose thread. the quality is very low and also easy to fry and iam not recommend to use this one. it is also made in china.. however the price is the cheapest amongs the threads. From $ 1 you can get 12 threads. It is cheap, isn't it?

"Rose" brand threads

There are also CMC Threads. The quality and color is almost similar from DMC Threads. it is also made in china. However the price is cheaper than DMC. From $1 you can get 3 threads. look the similar threads with the DMC. The color chart is also as same as DMC but CMC usually have "8" before the code is. For Example: If DMC Code number is 741 and then CMC threads will be 8741

The left one is DMC Thread and the right one is CMC thread.
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The third one is Blue Moon threads. It is made in China. I never using this one since iam prefer using CMC or DMC Threads. The price is also cheaper than DMC but more expensive than CMC threads. From $1 you can get 2 threads of blue moon.

We also have DMC threads. it quite common for every stitcher in Indonesia for using this one. The quality is very good better than CMC, blue moon or Rose. However from $1 you get 2 threads.  

Next, we have Anchor threads. It is made in Europe. I rarely using this threads since it's quite pricy in my country. i admit that the quality is very good than DMC threads. However From $1 you only get 1 threads

Anchor threads
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And the last but not least, we have Madeira threads. It is made in Europe. I never using this threads since it's very expensive. I admit the color is really vibrant and very good than DMC and Anchor. my experience in madeira is when i bought Bothy threads kit. 

Images taken from,91165,madeira-embroidery-floss.htm


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Left: Rose brand Middle: DMC Right: DOME Metallic


Sara said...

Thank you for sharing, it's always so interesting to see what fibers everyone has available. I know I never realized how many brands there are until I discovered the online stitching groups and blogs.

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