Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tips and trick about cross stitch!

Since March 2012, beside i cooked for my family, i also do some cross stitch when i spend my leaisure time and everyday looks like holiday for me. in this post i will sharing tips trick to do cross stitch.what is cross stitch?

Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture. Cross-stitch is often executed on easily countable evenweave fabric called aida cloth(based on :

what kinds of materials that we need to make cross stitch?
1) prepare some aida cloth fabric. it usually have many size variation. starting from 9 CT, 11 CT, and 14 CT,18 CT and even 32 CT. the bigger one CT Size it means the fabric cloth's size will be smaller because much density. CT means the total of density for square/hole per inch. *tips : start to do cross stitch in the center of the fabric. it will easier your work :)
picture taken from :
2) Buy the pattern that you want. many shop such as hobby craft and online shop only sell the pattern. it depends on you what kind of pattern do you want to make. is it scenery? flower? cartoon?
my suggestion if you are still newbie and first time try these tips that useful :
- buy the simple pattern with no back stitch and have same thread.
- it will be help you if you buy pattern with colorful picture. trust me it will be work for your first project :)
3. Buy the thread for the pattern needed.
there are many types of thread that you can be use such as :
- DMC thread. it is the common thread. you can found in every craft shop. it usually around IDR 6.000/ 8 M
- Blue moon. it usually around IDR 4.500/8 M
- Anchor
- China's thread.
- Madeira's thread. it around IDR 7.500/8 M
tips : if you still newbie, buy some pattern that doesn't need many thread. at least 10-20 thread will be enough. don't dare to try cross stitch pattern which needs 40-50 thread. it will need more your focus and concentration

4. Scissors
you will need it to cut down the thread when you do the project
- there are 8 kinds of cross stitch that you usually found in your pattern :
A. Back stitch
B. Full cross stitch
C. 1/2 Cross Stitch
D. 1/4 Cross Stitch
E. 3/4 Cross Stitch
F. French Knot
G. Lazy stitch
H. Satin stitch

Voila! here we are, you can start to make the cross stitch! wish you good luck then! :D :D

Another link that useful for making the cross stitch :


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