Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sprint and Rotation Relay (Wipocalypse)

Since Olympic will be start on July 2012, Wipocalypse challenge us with Olympic stitching! we can compete in one or several events. The Stitching Olympics will start from 27 July 2012 at 9 pm London Time (GMT) until 1 September 2012 at 10 am London Time (GMT).

WOWW! I wannaa participate in this project! sounds cool and we can be more focus! so, i choose to participate in The sprint and Rotation Relay event! what is it? do you wanna know more?

1. The Sprint -  If you’re stitching smalls or have pieces that are nearly done, push yourself to complete them! so in my prediction, in that periods of time i will have "Spring Comes" by DOME that need to be DONE.. it will also good if i also can finish my mom's kit from french. spring comes and small project will be suitable for the sprint's event!

2. Rotation Relay - You’re like Measi with a ton of WIPs.  Pick a number of projects, then determine your hours that you’ll work on each piece, and do a steady rotation of them, working each project before you return to any in the rotation.  (I’ll be doing a three hour rotation relay, for example… with an unknown number of projects). i think i need to be disipline.  no more Work in Process than two project. since i can't handle to divide the time fairly. so i decide to working on Spring comes by DOME and Pink Rose by DMC.

let's see if iam free nothing to do, i will set two hours for each piece. if iam already busy with another activity, i will set 30 minutes-1 hour for each piece. iam so excited for complete this challenge! it will be fun and motivate me to finish soon and be focus! 

so my stitcher friend, what kind of event that you wanna participate in Olympic stitching?

complete information about the olympic stitching :




Cherith Collections said...

your Spring Comes must be done ^^ you can do it Marina :D

Ordinary girl said...

hahaa seriously sist?? i hope it can be done on july-August 2012. *the cherry blossom and the river is the most difficult one. wish me good luck!

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