Saturday, December 15, 2012

It have been almost one year already

Dear my fellow Stitchers.. 2012 is almost over. I can't say my gratitude how i can meet all of the fabuluos and amazing stitcher. This year especially on March 2012 i start to do crossstitching after i have been hiatus since 2001. 11 years i left the cross stitch world and now i come back. I Realize cross stitch now became part of my hobby and i need to learn all of them since i was newbie. 

now I want to make a list about what I’ve been stitching for this whole year. eh I’m talking about my finished cross stitch projects. So here it goes:

1. Lovers in The Garret by Soda Stitch (SO-3111)

2. Coffee and Cuddle by Margaret Sherry

3. Purple Iris Flower Bookmarks

4. A Row of Love by Dimensions

5. A little soda project for Cross Stitch Exchange Gift 2012

what will be i'm going to stitch on 2013? just wait it my next posting i will try to explain it more clearly! Thank you so much for this one year! I hope i can make more beautiful work in 2013!

So how about you stitchers? Would you share your finished cross stitch projects here and your WIP in 2012? I’d like to know about it.. cheers and happy stitching! :D


SoCal Debbie said...

All your finishes are lovely! You had a great stitching year in 2012!

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