Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voila! My Bongsan Talchum's dancer is finish!

This is my second dancer lady from six lady that i have been done so far. Actually, the second dancer is looks more colorful and easy to make the backstitch for her!  I need one week for finish her with the backstitch. (1st - 7th October 2012). I intend to submit my dancer lady into eight color contest that held by #StitchingPirates (

I took initiative to start stitching from her dress. you can see there are many pink, red and yellow color

I already finish her dress and her mask.. i really disappointed when the thread for my kit is not complete. The Seller is gave me a wrong thread.. it must be DMC 581 (Moss Green) for her dress but she gave me the light blue. So i need to go to the mall for buying one floss only at that time i have to pending my stitching until i get my thread =__=

After i have bought my moss green thread i can continue her dress very smoothly.. and here we are the dancer already finish and it only need the backstitch then!

Voila! this is how is she looks like after i make the backstitch.. I have an idea in the next dancer i will use some beads for her dress. is that a good idea? 

Here we are, my Samulnori's dancer and Bongsan Talchum's dancer are standing together now.. are they lovely? which one do you like the most? 

P.S :
If you wanna know the history background of The Bongsan Talchum's dancer you can see this link * i hope we can learn more about the background about the cross stitch that i have been made :)


SoCal Debbie said...

These dancers are so bright and pretty! Thank you for sharing the link about Talchum dancers. I like both of them, and now I know the drum is called a janggu (an hourglass-shape drum).

Good luck in the Eight Color Contest!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful finish =)
She is so pretty =)

Joysze said...

Awww, they're darling!!!!!!! Hrmmm... it's hard to pick, they're equally cute. :D

Ordinary girl said...

@social debbie
wow thank you for the compliment! yes i think we should know too the history background of what we are stitching.. thank you! i hope i can win the mug/magnet.. >//<

yes i do agree she is so pretty with colorful bright! thank you for the compliment

Ordinary girl said...


yes! they are so cute! hahaa yes so do i i even doesn't know how to pick the best one :D

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