Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Soda's towel exchange gift 2013

Hello everyone! i have been busy for making the exchange gift for my friend and the deadline is this December 2012.. In the last time i said i will make three different soda pattern but i changed my mind and now i make five different soda pattern. so here iam, i challenge myself for making five different sodas with the beads and also stitched on 18 CT. >//<

my first two soda have been finished. aren't they cute couples?? 

the boy hold umbrella and plant is finished. i've put some beads in his buttons and his cheek :D 

The girl also finished by me yesterday.. i try to put some beads in her hands, hairpins and also bracelet. is it already good? since it's my first time put some beads in the cross stitch 

voila! i have been finished four of five my sodas. Now, Iam working for my last sodas smile house. I hope i can working fast in the last one

It's the appearance when i have finished one:

P.S : 
The soda pattern that i have use :
1. SO-4113 Can you see my mind (Girl)? 
2. SO-4114 Can you see my mind (Boy)?
3. SO-4121 Love is sliding on the rain (Boy)?
4. SO-4122 Love is sliding on the rain (Girl)?
5. SO-4120 Smile House


SoCal Debbie said...

All your Soda patterns are so adorable! They will be wonderful gifts and everyone will love to receive one from you!

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