Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first Cross stitch project! ;)

I was newbie that still four month to learn how to make cross stitch smoothly. it takes twelve years after i was elementary to continue this hobby. unfortunately, my elementary school's cross stitch had been UFO and  missing in action >//< So here iam took initiative to do cross stitch again. so my first choice going to soda stitch pattern! the chart is simple, cute and all of them full stitch. so i can learn fast to make cross stitch :) 

Voila! here it is my first project "Lovers in The garret" . i remembered when i made this project takes 12 days since my thread already out. so i need to go craft shop before i continue it. the difficult one when my first time do the backstitch. is my backstitch already good? 

my first project with the frame! i really love this pattern. the couples really cute one! i hanged it on my bedroom's wall. :) :) 


Yana Hanim said...

I love the frame (and of course your work!), very cute :)

Faith... said...

it looks great!! Keep up the great work :)

sharine said...

It is a great first project. Well done!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Marina !

My best greetings to You from Finland ,
at the most Northest part of Europe.
I just found your lovely blog via
Debbie's Cross Stitch.
I love cute/romantic style of stitching even I do also shabby chic or primitive style especially for the SWAPS.

You have done pretty job with the young loving couple and the DMC Rose Boquet will be amazing when finished.
And Yes !
-your backstitching looks already very neat :) :)

Excuse me my funny english and the bad grammar.

I have allways some lines written in english at the end of my blog post.

SoCal Debbie said...

That is a beautiful first cross stitch project! The backstitching makes it look wonderful.

Loredana Galea said...

Beautiful!I have never stitched any soda stitch patterns yet but plan to in the future. I was told that cross stitch is addictive and it really is. I hope that you make many more nice pictures. Lovely blog, by the way:)

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