Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finish! A Row of Love (Dimensions)

waww! finally! i can make it done in 4 months.. Actually this is challenging project since this is my first dimensions i can take a deep breath now for making a new project .. thank you so much for waiting my works and also the support love it! 

Title: A Row Of Love 
Designed by: Dimensions.,Inc
Size: 75 x 45 cm, stitched on 11 CT Fabric
Date timeline: 2nd May - 30th September 2012 (130 days / 4 months 9 days)
completion rate : 100% of 100%

After this i will continue to my new project such as :

Bongsan Talchum Traditional dance from Soda stitch! she is the second dancer from my the traditional dance of korea's kit. i need some warming up before i begin my hot DOME project :p

This spring comes by DOME will be my next project.. i challenge myself to the more difficult project.. that's why before i make it.. i need some warming up and refreshing time from soda's stitch dancer :D


Lumiruusu said...

Hello from Finland!
Yes,yes I am happy dancinf for you !!
The Teddy Bears By Dimensions is so amazing ,You really have worked hard with it !!
I truly admire your stitching skils because I am only dreaming to start a kit as large as this one !!! The dancer is a good choice to start after this large pattern..and the next "Big Stitch" seems to be on the door ! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that wonderful finish! It's really to cute =) =) =)

I'm looking forward to see your dancer and hope it will give you a happy dance ;-D
And the DOME project is breathtaking =)

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations on your wonderful finish! The Soda Stitch piece looks very cute. The Spring Comes looks beautiful! That will be a big project.

Heather said...

Love the finish it looks great!

Ordinary girl said...

waww nice greetings from Finland! give you my warms greetings from indonesia.. it is located on southeast Asia :) yes.. i'm really work hard on it. i remembered i started made it when i just one months for join into cross stitch world. so in the end i'm really amaze that i can make it done! yayy! thank you for the compliment. i think you can make it too maybe try to choose the pattern that you love the most it can motivate you to make it done soon

yes i think the teddy bear's family is really cute! hhaa now i have already finish my dancer, do you want to see them, i will posting then.. yes.. absolutely the DOME Project is really breathtaking.. especially the trees many green gradation.. :')

Ordinary girl said...

@Social Debbie
yes the soda stitch lady is really cute.. i'm really amazed that when she is already finish. her gown is really colorful and stunning.. yes the spring comes is really big size project (60 x 40 cm) isn't that big? :p

Thank you, aren't they really cute? i love momma's and the girl bear.. they are totally cute!

Joysze said...

Congrats on the finish!! It's beautiful.

Ordinary girl said...

thank you for the compliment! finally my effort for 4 months i alredy paid off and it really worth it! *lovely!

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