Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW : WIP Spring comes Pages 1 of 10!

Hello my stitcher fellas! it almost two week that i have been finished my bongsan Talchum's traditional dance.. i have focused to make my first landscape cross stitch. This is really new challenge for me since it is 10 pages for complete it! At least i'm amaze that i can make finish page 1.. There are 9 pages that i need to be done.. wish me good luck tomorrow i will continue this project!

This is the first look of my progress.. the green color is totally crazy.. since it has 5-6 color gradation 

continue to the bottom for stitching the green thread.. it really more looks like trees doesn't it?

The green thread is have met with pink color thread gradation! i want to meet the cherry blossom tree soon

now, i have continued to finish the brown chimney.. wishing that i can finish to the rooftop and also the wall

Voila! finally i can made this page 1 and there are 9 pages more that need to be done! wishing i can make it this is really my first landscape cross stitch! 

Title: Spring comes
The total size: 60 x 40 cm, stitched on 14 CT
Date timeline: 8th - 22nd October 2012
Pages : 1 of 10 (nine pages hot to go)


Anonymous said...

I think you made a lot of progress on this one and I am very confident that you will be able to finish this =)
Anyway, it looks breathtaking! =)

EvalinaMaria said...

Beautiful work! Congratulations on finishing first page!

Kate said...

Very pretty project and wonderful progress! I'll love watching this one grow :)

Ordinary girl said...

yes i think iam having good productivity in such this two weeks.. i have tried to spend my time at least 1-2 hours everyday to stitching this one.. i hope i can make the page 2 smootly :D

Thank you! i love landscape cross stitch and this is my first time for making this one! wishing me good luck in page 2 :)

Ordinary girl said...

yes, this project is really pretty! i love the pink cherry blossom tree and the blue river.. somehow it looks like my dream house so peaceful! :) thank you! i'll waiting for your stunning project too :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Such beautiful stitching! You have very fast progress.

Julie said...

Hi,just found your blog.
Spring Time is looking so pretty.Nice job.

Anne said...

Coming along very nicely and so pretty! :)

Marcy said...

Wow -- excellent progress! This is a pretty project.

Alojka said...

It will be great work

Ordinary girl said...

@Social Debbie
thank you.. i think because it's not too much thread color that i'm using only green, pink, grey and brown.. i spent my 1-3 hours everyday to stitching wish i can finish pages 2 soon :)

hello Julie! thank you for visiting my blog! thanks for the compliment. you wanna try to make that? :)

yes it is! i really love the color it makes me more high-spirited to finish it :)

Ordinary girl said...

thank you! it's really beautiful.. it can be done for a short time. i think i will finish it next 4-5 months :p

yes it is. it's still page 1 of 10 and it will be completely beautiful in page 10 :)

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