Sunday, November 24, 2013

my stitching updates

I will try catch up a few my crossstitch that i have finished yet start from february until now.. so you can know my finish updates crossstitch :)

Title: Let's Do Coffee
Designed by : ursula Michael
Size : 122 x 122 (Stitched on 18 CT white Aida)
Timeline date : February 2013
contains of : 1/4 stitch, Back stitch and 3/4 stitch

Finally! i can finish my gift to my cross stitch friend dyah who has birthday in last February 2013. it takes a long time to finish this one since my eyes cannot stand making 1/4 stitch in such 18 CT fabric *suddenly collapsed X_X 

Title: Spain Couples

Designed by: Soda Stitch
Size: 19 x 13 cm (STitched on 14 CT Fabric)
Timeline date: 1st -14th September (13 days)

Finally i can make it! i have put some beads into her dress and also her flowers to make more real  

Both of them wearing National costume of Spain such as:
- Woman : the traditional sexy Flamenco Spanish dress called Trajes de faraleas 
- Man : The traje corto which is a short jacket worn with high waist pants, white shirt, coloured waistband and a sombrero de alanche (wide brimmed hat)

Vervavo baby booty shoes is finished!

Title: booty shoes baby girl birth record
Designed by: Vervaco
Size: 19 x 16 cm (stitched on 14 ct sugar pink yeidam fabric)
timeline date: 2 weeks 

There are two more updates from me and i will make two another new threads for more specific.. so i have 5 crossstitch project are finished start from february until november. how about you guys? *kiss


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